BAREKNUCKLE BULLSEYE w/ Kilborne, Left of Reason, Blood Vessel


“Our parents think we play metal. Our metal friends think we play punk. Our punk friends think we play radio rock.They…’re all right.”

Bareknuckle Bullseye is a band that knows fear. The fear of the mundane. The fear of the repetitive. The fear of the recycled, meaningless noise that has plagued the airwaves for far too long. At some point, you have to choose between accepting the way things are and being a part of the revolution. And people should have a choice. People should have a voice. What has been lacking is a clear voice for those that want the freedom to live at their own volume. Life can’t always be refined. It can’t always be privileged. But it can be fully embraced. Some people play golf. Others raise those little fancy dogs. Bareknuckle Bullseye is dedicated to those that want to live lives of hard, gritty, full-on rock.

Enough with the family friendly rock and roll that has defined the last decade. The time has come for someone to come forth and reinvent what it means to rock and be rocked. Life is not defined by one experience, it is multi-faceted. The rock group and rock show should be the same way. There is an underworld of disenfranchised that are waiting for something new. Bareknuckle Bullseye is dedicated to giving them something they can believe in again. Maybe you’re pissed off that life hasn’t worked out the way you thought it would. Screw it, let’s rock. Maybe you want to break things apart with your bare hands. Screw it, let’s rock. Maybe you’re so happy you want to go crazy and set things on fire. We are here for you.

Bareknuckle Bullseye doesn’t care where you’ve been. They don’t care where you’re going. They just want you to have the choice to live life at your own volume. To rock out when you want to. To be stupid when you want to. To feel alive when you want to. No, Bareknuckle Bullseye doesn’t care who you are or what you’re about.

They’re just glad you’re here.