Kristen Ford w/ Roxie Beane

“For those who don’t know about Kristen Ford, her music is a blend of rock, folk and reggae with sexy sprinkles on top.”
– Cul de Sac Magazine ..July 2010

“Filthy Nasty” is easily one of the most promising debut albums I have heard in a long time. This Kristen Ford is a real rocker…There is no easy was to categorize the music of Kristen Ford. All of this musical diversity is what makes Filthy Nasty so appealing. Add to that striking melodies, the strong musicianship and her honest direct lyrics, and you’ve got the real deal.”
– The Greenfield Recorder February 2009

“An unexpected, eye catching blend…music is a fusion of varying elements, like heavy guitars and dance beats… creates music that speaks to everyone: gay, straight, black, white, whatever. [Kristen Ford] strives to be a new breed of rock.”
– Windy City Times April 2008

kristen ford