Lagunitas Music Series ft. STRATE JAK IT

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BBC and Lagunitas Brewing Company present another installment of the Lagunitas Music Series!
On tap this round will be Lagunitas tasty IPA, Undercover Shut-Down and Pale Ale. All Lagunitas taps for the night will only be $3.50!
Beyond the taps, we will have  Lagunitas Censored, Lil Sumpin, Hop Stoopid Ale, Cappuccino Stout and Maximus in bottles for you!

Strate Jak It is a tenacious 6 member hardcore-fusion band that hails from St. Paul, Minnesota. Strate Jak It has been playing an important part of the regional music scene since 1997. The band continues to bring a unique and fresh perspective to today’s hardcore music by blending a fusion of metal, hip-hop, thrash and rap-core with their aggressive, in your face style. Strate Jak It is one of the pioneers of rap style metal and their tight, flawless performances are evidence of the chemistry and musicianship among the Strate Jak It members.