LeRoy “Butler vs Bullying”


 LeRoy will be at BBC’s Upper Level on Saturday, August 23rd from 12:30pm- 2:00pm.  

For a donation to his campaign, he will sign jerseys, footballs, and posters.  

LeRoy is taking a grass roots approach in his “Butler vs. Bullying” campaign by striving to bring professionals, teachers, parents/families together to discuss, in an open microphone format, the social problems that derive from bullying. Over the past several months, LeRoy has traveled to schools and churches throughout Wisconsin to sit down with people who are recipients of bullying tactics and those that have performed behaviors of a bullying nature. His approach has been to bring awareness to the problem, to have an open environment for these individuals to face each other in a non-confrontational environment and to find resolution that is positive moving forward.  His success in this approach has led him to want to work with other organizations, schools, churches, and professionals to bring a more global awareness to this social problem.