The Unassuming Authenticity of Lizzy Diane

“Lizzy Diane is the real deal..These are not typical heartbreak songs. These are deeply-felt personal experiences painted in creative ways on a melodic canvas..” Read the full review including an indepth look at “Otherkin”, live performance and a conversation with Lizzy Diane at the following link:

02/0715 Ed Hudgins


Local Artist Of The Day:

Lizzy Diane

This melancholic enchantress from Eau Claire just released her debut album late last year and it is amazing. I seriously urge everyone to check it out. It will tickle your fancy whether you are into metal, folk, or anywhere in between. She brings elements of folk and alternative and adds her unique vocal style to the mix. One listen and you will be sucked in. Seriously, this album is worth a listen or a hundred.

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New Album from Lizzy Diane

“I find the ethereal haunting vibe of Otherkin to be a thoroughly humanizing experience. Upon first listen to “Lo and Behold,” the first track on the album, I was immediately taken in, swept away by the instrumentation, emotion, and dreamy feel of the song. From the get-go, Lizzy Diane invites listeners to engage with their emotions, intellect, and spirit. Again, she invites us to engage with those things that are integral to what it means to be human.” Ed Hudgins, Volume One.Org, 12/10/14


Lizzy Diane Otherkin – WHYS Radio

“It’s a beautiful, hypnotic, haunted ghost town of an album… “Otherkin” grabs your attention with cinematic synesthesia, and won’t let go.” Raven Black, “HerStory of Music on WHYS 96.3