Sometimes less can definitely be more, though it took some years for this mantra to take hold of Lost In A Name. Formed in 2006, the Milwaukee, Wisconsin-based group’s previous releases saw them find themselves and their sound throughout the course of over a dozen lineup changes. Now in 2014, the trimming of personnel down to just two members, and the highly anticipated release of their second full length album, A Silence In Static, has in fact guided the band closer towards their essence, and rendered them more powerful than ever before.

A Silence In Static is an album that marks the nexus of their creative path. Founding singer/guitarist Danny Schmitz, alongside drummer Geoff Slater, have developed a style that is certain to have music fans and critics alike both perplexed and engaged, not just by its lush and imperative array of audio wizardry, but also by its slippery tacitness when it comes to defining where the band belongs in the genre spectrum. Modern metalcore has met power pop, punk, progressive rock, technically masterful playing, and deeply honest lyrics, to create a unique, hyper-slick and absolutely massive sound that belies the fact that this is music performed by a two-piece.

They however weren’t alone throughout the writing and production process. Produced by Joel Wanasek of JTW studios, they collaborated with a number of talented individuals along the way. Guitarist Clint Lowery of Sevendust, Alien Ant Farm bassist Tye Zamora, guitarist Jessie Farnsworth of Newsted and more all lent their years of experience to A Silence In Static. Yet when it comes to backing it up live the band requires no human assistance – utilizing a punishingly loud rig, electronic samples, and a dazzling, interactive light show, Schmitz and Slater are a live force to be reckoned with.

A Silence In Static is a massive album that is simultaneously hard-hitting and vigorously melodic. Although having existed for some time, we can be sure that this is the true point of the band’s genesis.Lost In A Name is now perfectly poised to take their gripping anthems and reputable live show from coast to coast of the USA and beyond.