Swelling from a subtle harmony in the choir of current songwriters, Naomi Marie has developed a fresh and dynamic musical personality. From simple, light-hearted acoustic ballads to powerhouse piano-led performances, her voice uniquely captures a wide array of melodic expressions. Compiled with each song’s solid instrumental core, Naomi Marie writes with bold vulnerability and lyrical depth. Taking inspiration from sonnets and soulful jazz singers, this artist has serenaded audiences coast to coast in sidewalk cafes, old town pubs and city-best venues.

In August of 2011 Naomi Marie recorded her first official E.P. “Four Miles to Story City” at Skies Fall Studio in Kenosha, Wisconsin. After a successful release of “Four Miles” and several months of enthusiastic participation in the lively music scene of Minneapolis, Minnesota, her homeland stomping grounds, she transplanted to the heart of Kenosha.

In early 2013 Naomi began scheming with one of the sound engineers at Skies Fall to get back in the action. Itching to share, if only a fraction of the living-room-catalog with listeners and other artists, they determined to jump head first into planning a full length record. After receiving generous support from funders on Kickstarter and 6 months in the studio, the album, Primary Colors was born. This debut is due to be released in late spring of 2014.