THE SALTSHAKERS are a rock band from Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Since 2002, we’ve played a lot of shows throughout the Midwest, making stops in Minneapolis, Detroit, Chicago, and our hometown of Milwaukee. We opened for some pretty cool bands along the way like Heartless Bastards, Local H, The Jealous Sound, and The Redwalls.

Some of the bands we love are The Replacements, The Pixies, The Cars, The Beatles, New Order, Oasis, Ryan Adams, and Tom Petty.

Our latest CD single – CHANGE THE CHANNEL – was released in May of 2013.

New in 2013, Parallel mixes vocals, piano, electric cello, drums and bass/guitar to deliver its own brand of rocking poetry. From high energy, driving rhythms to rich, dark, emotive melodies, Parallel provides a captivating juxtaposition of texture and instrumentation in its approach to acoustic indie rock (originals and out of the box covers, like Feist or Damien Rice).