Red Rose is a three piece live looping Space-Funk/House/Trip-Hop/Dub trio from Madison, WI. The core ensemble consists of Producer and Founder, Captain Smooth, along with Bassist and Audio Engineer, K-Dub and Guitarist Funky Fresh.

Red Rose builds every groove with live loops from the ground-up. They integrate the live electronics and nonstop set, similar to a DJ, with live instruments. Their show is a continuous journey of music with each song flowing seamless into the next, they design and change songs (genres) in real time. Each show is different and you are guaranteed to never hear a song played the same twice.

They combine live loops, heavy dance beats, smooth keyboards, silky bass, and funky guitar to make an incredibly full sound with endless capabilities. Their sets are filled with solid improv, live compositions and a projection show.
A Red Rose is a symbol of love and affection. A love of creating music! Red Rose strives to put their heart and soul into their music and this truly shows in their recordings and live show!