Signalfire: noun. A distress signal from a person or parties indicating immediate help is required.

Five years ago, the boys of Milwaukee rock band Signalfire called it
quits. Since then, rock devotees have lit a signal fire of their own, a
desperate cry for help from weary fans who’ve only had generic rock
music to satisfy their appetite for good tunes. Their distress call cant be
ignored any longer. Signalfire has reunited to answer their prayers for filthy riffs and grooves you can catch a buzz off.

Roll call. Andrew Ballard, singer and git, howling melodies like hes sinking to the bottom of Perdition and twisting riffs out of his guitar like never done before. Al Angel, bass, distributor of the infectious grooves. And AC bangs the skins and lays down the thundering beats.

Whats the new material sound like? Its the
aural equivalent of your fifth shot and suddenly everyone at the bar is
looking real good. They’re jams that get under your fingernails
and just wont wash out. Its good time music. Had enough? The
new Signalfire record, Mrs. Saturday Night, drops Spring 2014.