Skee-o de Janeiro Skeelympics!

Join us for the Olympics on the tele, and skeeball on the lanes next Wednesday as Men’s track and field, Women’s Volleyball and Table Tennis finals are decided! Our first official FREE SKEE for Skeeson XII – Skee-o de Janeiro at BBC – the lanes will be on FREE play all night, giving out sponsor prizes as we roll skee-lympic themed challenges – determining who has the balls to go the distance and take home that gold medal. I know we’re all currently in the good ole US of A, but feel free to dress as your heritage would want you to to support their uprising in world sports. Your ancestors would be proud.

Register your team for Skeeson XII starting up late August, early September while you’re at it. We roll Wednesday nights with teams of 3 for an 8 week long Skeeson, $2 PBR Tall Boys, $2 sliders along with other great specials. 9 balls, 7 holes – you do the math.

skeeo de janero