– Miller Lite – High Life –
– Budweiser – Bud Light –
– Coors Light – Pabst Blue Ribbon – Schlitz –


Hacker-Pschorre Hefe (Germany) – Guinness (Ireland) – Hoegaarden (Belgium) – Stella Cidre (Italy)

Craft Beers


Turbodog (English Brown Ale)

Turbodog is a dark brown ale brewed with Willamette hops and a combination of pale, crystal and chocolate malts. This combination gives Turbodog its rich body and color and a sweet chocolate toffee-like flavor. (5.6% ABV)

Wrought Iron IPA (American IPA)
This IPA is forged with the intensity of Apollo, Equinox and Mosaic hops. Brewed with pale ale malt for a golden color as bright as iron from a fiery forge. (6.9% ABV) 

Ambergeddon (American Amber / Red Ale)
Ambergeddon brings the malt AND the hops, the latter seriously lacking in your garden varietals. It’s a west coast style amber, which means you get tons of hoppy goodness on a firm bed of malt. (6.8% ABV)

Hopalicious (American Pale Ale)
Eleven additions of Cascade hops give this American pale ale a lush citrus aroma and bold hop flavor without crazy bitterness. (5.8% ABV)

– BELL’S –
Two Hearted (American IPA)
American malts and enormous hop additions give this beer a crisp finish and incredible floral hop aroma. (7.0% ABV)

Blue Moon Belgian White (Witbier)
Brewed with oats for creaminess and spiced with the perfect combination of orange peel and coriander. An unfiltered wheat ale spiced in the Belgian tradition for an uncommonly smooth taste. (5.4% ABV)

Mud Puppy Porter – NITRO-
A robust, yet surprisingly refreshing porter, Mud Puppy is a favorite of dark beer lovers. Characterized by a thick, rocky head and chocolate-like nose, the malty profile is balanced by a liberal hopping for its style. (5.5% ABV)

First Press (Hard Apple Cider)

Sweet, crisp and tart! Ciderboys First Press is a perfect match for any season.  (5.0% ABV)

Fantasy Factory (American IPA)
Hopheads crusade on a heroic quest for the holy grail of India Pale Ales. Exceptional citrus flavors and aromas that collaborate with soft bready notes surrendered from premium English golden malted barley, this beer is a tropical dreamscape. Epic. (6.3% ABV)

IPA (American IPA)
Formulated with malt and hops working together to balance it all out on your ‘buds so you can knock back more than one without wearing yourself out. Big on the aroma with a hoppy-sweet finish that’ll leave you wantin’ another sip. (6.2% ABV)

East Side Dark (Munich Dunkel Lager)
The rich, coffee-like aroma and flavor of this dark, Bavarian style lager is derived from a precise blending of three different specialty barley malts. Unlike many other dark beers, East Side Dark doesn’t have a bitter aftertaste. (5.5% ABV)

IPA (American IPA)
Beneath a resistant, fluffy white head is an opaque, burnt orange beer. This is an IPA that successfully showcases its flavors. (6.9% ABV)

Oktoberfest (Märzen / Oktoberfest)
Made with 100% Wisconsin malted barley, wheat, and hops, including a unique indigenous Wisconsin yeast strain. (4.4% ABV)

Riverwest Stein (American Amber / Red Lager)
The rich amber color and smooth flavor are derived from the generous amount of caramel malt, with just a dash of roasted unmalted barley for a subtle toasted flavor in the background. (6.0% ABV)

Harvest Patch Shandy (Vegetable / Fruit Ale)
Harvest Patch Shandy is a traditional wheat beer that blends notes of nutmeg, allspice and clove for a flavor that will remind you of homemade pumpkin pie and pairs perfectly with fall. (4.2% ABV)

Fat Tire (American Amber / Red Ale)
Fat Tire won fans with its sense of balance: toasty, biscuit-like malt flavors coasting in equilibrium with hoppy freshness. (5.2% ABV)

Spotted Cow (Cream Ale)
Brewed with flaked barley and the finest Wisconsin malts for a smooth, sweeter taste. A Wisconsin favorite! (5.1% ABV)

Oktoberfest (Märzen / Oktoberfest)
An authentic Märzen style lager. Brewed using Hallertauer hops and sweet Vienna roasted malts. Resulting in a full flavored, finely balanced beer brewed in the celebration of the season. (5.6% ABV)

Furious (American IPA)
An amber colored ale with citrusy hoppy aromas and flavors, balanced by a chewy caramel base, with a refreshing bitter finish. (6.20% ABV)

8-Bit (American Pale Ale)
Remarkably fun and complex. Australian grown Galaxy Hops give this APA an exciting tropical aroma in a classic American style. (7.0% ABV)

Bottles & More


 Miller Lite – High Life – Genuine Draft – MGD 64
Budweiser – Bud Light
Coors Banquet – Coors Light – Michelob Ultra – Rolling Rock (16oz can) – Pabst Blue Ribbon (16oz can)


Crispin : Honey Crisp (22oz bomber)
McKenzie’s : Black Cherry
Redd’s  Wicked Apple Ale
Strongbow: Hard Cider (16oz can)
Woodchuck: Amber (16oz can)
Wyders: Pear Reposado Barrel Aged

Craft Bottles

Ale Asylum – Hopalicious
Blue Moon
– White IPA
Founders  All Day IPA
Goose Island – 312
Goose Island – Sophie
Hinterland – Cherry Wheat
Lakefront – New Grist
Lagunitas – Cappuccino Stout (22oz bomber)
Lagunitas – Daytime IPA
Lagunitas – Hop Stoopid Ale (22oz bomber)
Lagunitas – Lil Sumpin Sumpin Ale
Lagunitas – Maximus
Left Hand   Milk Stout Nitro
Lexington – Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale
MKE Brewing Co.  O’Gii
MKE Brewing Co. – Polish Moon
New Belgium – 1554
Oskar Blues – Dale’s Pale Ale (12oz can
Oskar Blues – Old Chub (12oz can)
Oskar Blues – Yella Pills (12oz can)
Small Town  Not Your Father’s Root Beer


Chardonnay – Merlot – White Zinfandel – Spumante


Becks … [Germany]
Carlsberg … [Denmark]
Corona Extra … [Mexico]
Corona Light … [Mexico]
Heineken … [Holland]
Labatt Blue … [Canada]
Newcastle … [England]
Pacifico … [Mexico]
Peroni … [Italy]
Red Stripe … [Jamaica]
Spatten … [Germany]
Stella Artois … [Belgium}

Malt – Ternatives

 Raspberry Lambic
Mike’s  Hard Lemonade

Non-Alcoholic, Soda & Juice

Pepsi – Diet Pepsi – Mountain Dew – Sierra Mist -Squirt – Point Root Beer – Tonic – Ginger Ale – Pineapple Juice – Cranberry Juice – Grapefruit Juice – Lemonade

Bottled Water – Gosling’s Ginger Beer

Red Bull : Regular – Sugar Free – Tropical

O’Doul’s  – Amber